The links below take you directly to the inventory of certified pre owned vehicles in the following major brands. You can shop at your leisure by your favorite brands in your area.

Certified Pre Owned Vehicles by Brand (popular brands)

GMC Canada


Kia Canada




Dealers of these manufacturers offer vehicles of their own brand with warranty that may interest you. They offer vehicles less than 5 years old and mostly vehicles less than 3 years old or demonstrators. To certify a pre-owned vehicle it will be inspected with a checklist of more than 30 points. They do it with two goals. The first is to ensure the condition of the vehicle to be able to sell it with a warranty service without taking too much risk. The second objective is to offer this guarantee to increase your interest in their pre-owned vehicle brand.

The guarantee is at least 5.000 km, and even 40.000 km or 12 months on the important parts of your car: engine, transmission, steering, electrical equipment. In addition, most dealers offer additional services when you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle. They will allow you to return the car if you do not like within a few days. They will offer you to make the first free oil change. You may be entitled to free roadside assistance in case of failure. And if maintenance is done under warranty, it may be that there will be no deductible. The vehicle may also have been checked that it is debt free.

You will also be interested to know that if you ask for repairs under warranty, you normally dealers will replace the parts with original parts and keep your vehicle in its best condition.

Most dealers can also offer you financing with the manufacturer and thus offer you much more attractive rates than financial institutions. Manufacturers usually do that for certified pre-owned vehicles of their own brand and who undergoes inspection by the dealer.

Many of these dealers are willing to transfer the warranty to the next buyer if you sell your vehicle before the end of its warranty.

Manufacturers that offer longer guarantees usually allow the guarantee to be transferable if you sell your car. This is an additional point to check when you make your comparisons.